Can digital games and virtual worlds

help us save nature?

“Virtual worlds can be hugely seductive, and there is a fine line between having life-enhancing experiences within them and seeking out virtual experiences in order to escape the challenges of living a real life.”

Tom Chatfield

Fun Inc, 2010

“The environment waits for a software wunderkind to find the social formula that may lure a fickle public to fall in love with the real world, not a fake one.”

Caroline Fraser

Environment 360 - Yale, 2011

“Today I believe Big Brother would find much more success brainwashing the masses with video games rather than just simply TVs. Video games are fun, engaging, and leave your brain completely vulnerable to re-programming. But imagine a game that teaches us to respect each other, or helps us to understand the problems we're all facing in the real world. There is a potential to do good as well.”

Michael Highland

Ted Talk, 2006

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