Anno 2070

General Information:

Developer: Blue Byte, Related

Publisher: Ubisoft

Price: $54.99

Year: 2011

Genre: Strategy

Platform: PC



Anno 2070 supposes, bonkers levels of climate change will have melted the Arctic ice cap, raising the global sea level to such a high altitude that only the tips of mountains are habitable. Humanity continues and settles on these lofty land-masses. When it comes to completing global missions, there are a few factions to choose from. The Eden Intitiative's Ecos realise that green technology and preserving nature is the key to success, and rely on nifty clean energy sources like wind and solar. On the other hand, the Tycoons, led by greedy CEO Skylar Banes, obviously still aren't convinced about the damaging effects of ignoring the climate, and continue exploiting resources. Sure they're rich and prosperous, but they have to deal with pollution and ever-dwindling fuel sources. Which side will you pick?

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