Fate of the World

General Information:

Developer: Red Redemption

Publisher: Red Redemption

Price: $9.99 -15.99

Year: 2010

Genre: Strategy

Platform: PC

Website: http://fateoftheworld.net/


Global Strategy game created by Oxford based studio Red Redemption ¨that simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years¨ (Fate of the World, 2011). In Fate of the World, ¨players try their hand at juggling sociopolitical events, energy consumption, population growth, food production and natural disasters. As the head of a fictitious world environmental organization, the goal is to improve global climate-change patterns over the next 200 years¨ (Snider, 2011). It is a quite complex game that attempts to inform and reveal the complexities of climate change. The key features of the game is that ¨you have the chance to save the planet¨, based on real science (based on the research of Prof. Myles Allen of Oxford University) and real choices that cause real impacts and real solutions.

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