General Information:

Developer: Project Budburst


Price: Free

Year: 2011

Genre: Mixed-reality game

Platform: Mobile (Android)

Website: http://networkednaturalist.org/floracaching/


A search-and-discover game that seeks to provide a way for anyone to both have fun and contribute to important climate change research, while at the same time encouraging outdoor greenspace use. The game is associated with plant phenology monitoring and requires using a mobile application (currently only for Android). Inspired by the idea of geocaching, the goal is to find targeted plants (which have been previously identified using GPS coordinates) and "capture" them by being close enough and then reporting their life stages (leafing, flowering, fruiting stages). The participant then receives points and the data collected is sent to Project BudBurst. To retain players, lower-level tasks then can turn into more demanding tasks so activities with different levels of difficulties have also been established. For instance, players that have accumulated sufficient number od points can start floracaches themselves or establish a set of floracaches in a specific area.

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