General Information:

Developer: That Game Company

Publisher: Sony

Price: $9.99

Year: 2008

Genre: Action, Adventure

Platform: PlayStation3

Website: http://thatgamecompany.com/games/flower/


Flower is quite an interesting game to analyse because of the way how nature and human relations with nature are framed. Game developers wanted players to feel like they are healing, creating life and energy and spreading light and love. Indirectly, it delivers a green message of harmony between urban bustle and natural serenity, a description that sounds closer to a poem than an interactive entertainment. The game was initially born on the idea of turning the ¨console into a portal, so you could enter this virtual room that allows you to enjoy the endless green fields of nature¨. The development process was driven in its initial stages by an exploration of this feeling of being completely surrounded and embraced by nature: every individual blade of grass, the details on every flower. Creative Director Jenova Chen says: I was very interested in combining flowers with green fields of grass, to create a kind of exaggerated, crafted version of my impressions of nature. But then, after we accomplished this in virtual space, I started to feel there was something missing. Spending five or ten minutes in this space was awesome, but after this you felt something vital missing; it started to feel lonely, unsafe, strange, because there was nothing human in your sight. So I started to do concept art, these views of flowers with a little house or a city added in the distance; and eventually, the game evolved into this love-letter towards both nature and the urban life, and trying to reach a harmony between the two¨. We encourage to play the game, and tell us what your impressions were.

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Conservation Relevance
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