Quiz Climber

General Information:

Developer: Relentless Software


Price: $1.99 or free ad-supported version

Year: 2011

Genre: Trivia

Platform: Mobile, iPhone App

Website: http://www.relentless.co.uk/games/quiz-climber/


The game that started life as a small tech demo, has now blossomed into a full-scale release. They have teamed up with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope publisher Chillingo to create our first ever game for iPhone. We've mixed our knowledge of creating brilliant quiz games, with the 'pick-up-n'-play' nature of the iOS platform and created the hugely addictive, Quiz Climber. Quiz Climber pits you against your friends in a test of knowledge and speed. Correctly answer as many consecutive questions as possible to climb the quiz tree, however, as with all good quizzes, the questions grow progressively more difficult the higher you get.

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