Ian Roberts

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Ian is the Creative Director on "Fate of the World" and Red Redemption and is one of the UK’s up and coming Creative Directors and Lead Game Designers having successfully designed both “Climate Challenge,” which debuted on the BBC’s web site BBC.com in 2007 and “Operation: Climate Control” which received its debut launch in July 2007 at Britain’s historic House of Commons. Ian is a native of Durham transplanted to Oxford with experience across a wide range of new media forms including award-winning video production and editing to 3D Graphics and website programming. These skills are combined with an in-depth background in media, film, literature and cultural research in the forms of academic study, writing, lectures and teaching. His “Guide to Media Editing” has been highly praised within the industry and is considered a classic resource. While acting as Lead Games Designer for Red Redemption, Inc, Ian has produced extensive web portals including the ClimateX.org for Oxford University and directed and edited academic multi-media presentation films. Ian has also acted as a games industry consultant for the UK Department of Trade and Industry.